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Really not a fair and impartial review.

I've been using the system ever since the Univest Expo in Souderton/Doylestown. To date, I've logged almost 700 miles on my bike with the system and without *any* issues. The bottle is easy to mount in either position on my small road frame as long as you use the features molded into the bottle. At the end of a 40 mile ride, I was not even looking down. I've also hit railroad tracks at 22MPH with no lost bottles.

So I think there are three things I'll call out from the review:

(1) The system should not have to adjust for your leg hitting it
(2) The bottle is easy to mount if you take advantage of the features on it
(3) I'm sure the language you harp on is pretty standard legalese to ward off inane lawsuits

Forgot to mention, this looks *cool* on the bike too!


Hi Sheila,

I'm glad you liked the system. It just didn't work for my needs. I was at the end of a breakaway, luckily, when the bottle launched. The rest of my team was about 1/4 mile behind us, otherwise they would have run right over the bottle - could have caused major crash - NOT COOL!

I'm a high volume rider and have never launched a bottle using a traditional water bottle holder in all my years of riding and racing. I own three bikes - cyclocross, road and tri.

I hear the cyclocross crowd is starting to take interest in the system. You can train with a water bottle then remove the water bottle when racing and not have a clunky water bottle holder in the way. I usually use a camelbak hydration system on my cyclocross bike.

Take care,

Vincero should add to the warning label not recommended for riders who lack coordination and more used to sucking water out of a straw.

I just purchased this set and I am waiting for mine to arrive I will post my feedback in fairness to your review and to Vincero.

Hello Nikko,

I own three bikes. Cyclocross, road and triathlon. I have no problem using regular water bottles on my road bike. I didn't like the fact that the Vincero bottle launched during a ride. I have never had a regular water bottle launch in all my years of riding and racing.

I hope the Vincero set up works for you. I didn't like it and gave my honest review. Just because I am given free stuff to try out, doesn't mean I'm going to give it a good review.

Take care,
Lynn Smythe AKA the Bike Diva

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