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Delray Beach, FL
Sport: Road Cycling


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Hi, I'm just looking for people to ride (recreationally) with around Delray Beach

james DuBois

Mrs Diva,
I am a Competetive triathlete and Runner. I am also a professional Boxer and Firefighter. I remember you posting a review on how to get sponsors. I am having a hard time finding sponsors, as well as where to begin. Ive emailed several companys but not much in return. Do you have any advice or even that post you did that I cant seem to find either. Thank you ~James

Lynn Smythe

Hello James,

Here is the link to my Bike Diva article; How to Find Sponsorship Opportunities:

Take care,
Lynn Smythe AKA the Bike Diva


I have an ongoing blog bout my journey from 300 pound couchie to Triathlete wannabe. I welcome any advice or input. :)


How "easy" was the process with Reynolds?

I have a short list of target sponsors, mostly for pro deals - I don't expect anything for free. I have a national sponsor for soft goods but need some assistance for hard goods.....multiple event sports make the equipment list grow!

Thank you

Lynn Smythe

Hi Dan,

I'm not sponsored by Reynolds. I post up links to sponsorship opportunities as I find them.

Try Profile Design for hard goods. They make aero bars, wheels, water bottles, etc... along with wetsuits and triathlon clothing. They are one of my sponsors for the 2011 race season.

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