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Delray Beach, FL
Sport: Road Cycling

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Lynn Smythe

Here is a copy of an email I received thanking me for this blog post on riding in Clermont:


Hello. I found you through your article on Riding Hills in Clermont, Florida ( after doing a web search for “Clermont Sugar Loaf Water Cooler”.

I was hoping to find the name and address for Harry and Janice Fenstad, the couple who place the cooler out at the top of the climb. I have relied on their water to replenish my bottles on a couple of occasions and wanted to drop them a ‘thank you’ card.

The photo on your website had just enough detail that I could make out the name, which allowed me to find the address through a web search.

I’m a running coach for TNT and saw on your website that you and your husband are also involved with the program in the Palm Beach area. It looked like you are a triathlete also, so I thought I would let you know that NTC has an excellent swim clinic and stroke analysis program if you’re ever looking to improve your swim skills.

Another athlete and I were in Clermont the weekend of August 14/15 to attend a swim clinic and ride the hills; it looks like we missed you by a week. We really enjoyed the swim clinic and after a good night’s sleep, were able to get up and spend a (long/challenging) day riding in the area.

Anyway, just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading your blog and appreciated your passion for the sport.

David Carr
Jacksonville, FL

John Inskeep

Hi Bike Diva, I just found your blog and wanted to say thanks for providing it and the information in it.

I live in Clermont and have been riding the trails (Never on the road) for about 5 years on a Trek 7100 Hybrid. I ride from 12th St in Clermont to the Clarcona Horseman's Park in Apopka or to the end of the trail. 60 miles if you do some laps at the end by the lake.

I ride for health and fun and my longest ride is 70 mi. I have taken videos along the way and thought some of your readers might like to see parts of the trail. Here is a link to the videos on vimeo, a few are riding at Disney.

BTW, the trails are just beautiful to ride.




I am heading out to Utah for the FrontRunner Century bicycle ride and I am looking to see if anyone has ever used Map My Ride for the FrontRunner Century Bicycle Ride. I have heard that people have used it for LOTOJA classic and for the Ulcer Ride as well as the Salt Lake City Century. If anyone has info for the FrontRunner Century they could give to me I would be happy. Check out the and please let me know.

Derrick Brown

Great article about Clermont, FL. I actually live in Clermont and ride these hills weekly. When I first moved to Clermont and started riding it was truly a curse at the time with the hills so I thought, but now it really is a blessing to have such a diverse terrain to train on. My neighborhood is actually on the riding/walking trail you mentioned. I can leave my house and neighborhood and turn left to ride the South Lake/West Orange trail for more flat riding or I can turn right to ride for miles of hills. I also can go out the back of my neighborhood and travel 5.5 miles to get to the back side of Sugarloaf, 10 miles for the front side of Sugarloaf, 7.5 to The Wall and 8.5 to Buckhill. Not too close, but close enough to be fully warmed up for the hills once I get there. There are many many more hills not mentioned that are great climbs inside the city limits of Clermont. Skyridge and South Ridge just to name a few that are near Northridge. These are in a neighborhood, but think of a slightly shorter Sugarloaf, but just as steep and challenging. These hills are 2 miles from my home. Blessing or a Curse? I purchased mine and my wife's Trek Madone's from "The Cycling Hub" also. Great group of people there. Thank you very much for the great article. Feel free to contact me the next time you all are this way. Would love to ride with the group.

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