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A nice (and expensive) bike like a Townie should NOT be locked up with a cable lock. That's pretty ridiculous and nearly a guarantee it will be stolen eventually! Cable locks can be cut with ordinary tools in seconds. Use a u lock! You can get a mini OnGuard u lock for about $22 from Amazon.

Lynn Smythe

A. Compared to the other bikes we own, a Townie is not expensive.
B. This is an old, beat up bike.
C. A cable lock is fine for locking up a bike for a few minutes. My daughter and her friends go down the street to Walmart, etc..., only inside for a few minutes. I live in a decent neighborhood, if people were stealing beach cruisers from the parking lot of Walmart, CVS, etc... I wouldn't be living here.
D. U lock is bulky and heavy compared to a cable lock. My daughter used to not use a lock at all, so I'm happy that she likes the Wordlock and actually uses it.
Take care,
Lynn Smythe AKA the Bike Diva

Locksmiths West Sussex

This lock is perfect to use if you are only locking your bike up for a while. It's always a good idea though to use an OnGuard lock or a U-lock if you are planning on locking your bike up for a while or if you are visiting a new place which you don't know is safe.

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