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If you want to try some better coconut water. Proven by various taste tests to be lighter and taste better then you should drink EQ Thirst Equalizer. The only coconut water available in a wide mouth plast bottle making it easy to drink when engaging in physical activity, like biking!

Send me an e-mail at for some free samples!


Hi Tom,

I just sent you an email with a mailing address to send the EQ Thirst Equalizer samples to.

Take care,
Lynn Smythe AKA the Bike Diva


I would have to disagree with you and argue that Vita Coco is a better option than Zico. I prefer the taste, especially the pineapple flavored option. It's also not owned by a major beverage giant like Coke, which controls Zico.


I agree with Sidney that Vita Coco is healthier than Zico. Vita Coco has natural ingredients to properly hydrate the body

Annie S.

Vita Coco is DEFINITELY better that Zico. Zico claims to be pure, but it is not. Vita coco is yummier and better for you.


I agree with Annie. I've looked at the nutrition facts of both Vita Coco and Zico, and Zico contains "citric acid", an artificial ingredient that is in sodas. Vita Coco is obviously the healthier choice if it only contains coconut water. The facts say it all.


If you're all about staying hydrated then I would drink Vita Coco rather than works better!


I agree! Vita Coco is so much more hydrating I drink it at the gym and I can go for longer when Im there it really works!

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