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Congratulations! Have fun with it. Even if you don't race, it's so much fun to watch!


Hi Karen,

Thanks for visiting Bike Diva. Cyclocross racing looks like it should be a good spectator sport. I've watched a few cross videos so seeing a race live and in person should be totally awesome.

Take care,

Dan Giacomaro

Prepare for a new love affair,I was a hard core gear head up until 3 years ago.I haven't ridden a geared bike since.You will be amazed how strong you will become after your body adjusts to riding a single.It can only be described as a complete body workout and your core will love you for it.There's something really special to kicking somebodys ass on a climb and when you get in front of them and they see theres no deraillure the look is priceless.Just get used to looking over your shoulder to try and find your husband in a couple of months.By the way SS cyclocross ROCKS

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