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The Bike Diva reviews a variety of cycling, running and triathlon clothing, equipment, and nutritional products. Go to the Product Endorsement page for complete details.

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Great observations. My current efforts at fitness are to ride my bike on a trainer stand in the living room (usually for about 20 minutes at a time) and eat more healthily, e.g. by snacking on fruit before dinner. So far, I haven't been trying that hard, and I've lost the 5 lbs I put on over the holidays.

Bike Diva

Hi Justin,

I'm spoiled right now - I live in SE Florida and can bike outside year round. But I forget most of the rest of the world is in the middle of winter. Snow and ice aren't very great biking conditions.

Keep up the good work on the bike trainer! :)


Great article,
Can you suggest a workout for a older person, who's hip was replaced? Loved to ride before the darn operation, however now I have a great deal of muscle pain after riding a short ( 6 miles ) distance. I stop while on this ride,you know for a short break,I have tried several ointments and they help for a short time but the darn soreness comes back right away.
Thanks for your input

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