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Sport: Road Cycling

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Epic Planet Virtual Ride DVD's

Epic Ride Vermont

I recently had a chance to review a DVD from EpicPlanet.tv: Epic Ride Presents Epic Vermont; Waitsfield & the Mad River Valley, Appalachian Gap & Bristol.

According to the website "epicRIDES are virtual bicycle rides filmed on truly epic cycle routes in scenic locations around the world, using local cyclists as riders. epicRIDES are edited to an original music score and include an on-screen digital dashboard showing terrain profile, ride time, average grade, and suggested training zone"

EpicPlant.tv DVD's Offer

  • Virtual rides
  • Real workouts
  • For indoor cycle training, stationary bikes, trainers, rollers spin bikes
  • Three different workouts per DVD
  • Beautiful, multi-camera wide-screen photography
  • Digital dashboard with terrain profile
  • Original Music
  • Epic routes
  • Detailed route maps
  • Fantastic locations

Faux Road Ride
Epic Ride DVD's make you feel like you are out riding on a real bike ride, accompanied by real cyclists. I am lucky to live in SE Florida, where I can usually train outdoors year round. But if you live anywhere the weather is less than perfect, you should check out the Epic Ride DVD's.

The DVD's are also perfect for cyclists with crazy work schedules, that don't like working out in the dark hours of the early morning, before they go to work, or in the dark after they get home from work. You can use the DVD's even when the weather isn't cooperating. In Florida, we have more than our fair share of thunder and lightening storms in the summer, so even I can't workout outdoors all the time.

The Epic Ride DVD's are also perfect for anyone that is just coming off an injury, or just getting into cycling, and isn't strong enough or confident enough to go out on the road. When I first switched to clip-less pedals on my road bike, I had my husband put the bike on the trainer so I could get used to clipping in and out. I watched some boring tv shows while I was getting used to the new equipment, I sure would have enjoyed watching one of the Epic Ride DVD's instead.


Visit the EpicPlanet.tv website to view a catalog of their current offerings and watch video clips from the Epic Ride DVD's.

Available DVD's

  • Epic Acadia
  • Epic Vermont
  • Epic Florida's Panhandle

Take care,
Lynn Smythe AKA the Bike Diva


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